How do I schedule a Virtual Visit?

You may make an appointment by going to our website at 24/7 or if you prefer to speak to our staff member and have them assist you, you may call our clinic at 972-755-1785 during our business hours, 7 days a week.

Which devices can I use for my Virtual Visit?

You may use a smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.

Can I use my insurance for a Virtual Visit?

Yes, you may use your insurance. We will verify your insurance prior to your appointment, collect co-pay and bill your insurance after your Virtual Visit is completed.

How long will my Virtual Visit take?

The average virtual visit is about 15-20 minutes. However, depending on your reason for visit, it may take 10 -25 min.

Can I do a Virtual Visit if I don’t have insurance?

Absolutely. Our Self-pay rate is $75.00.

Do I need to download software to join the telemedicine call?

No, our telemedicine platform is simple and easy to use. No software downloads required.